Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Number 13 (22, 23, 24, 25 and 26)

So while I was out of town, Adam went a to couple of new restaurants and so he has slowly been introducing me to the ones he enjoyed.  Also I have been slow to get back into the habit of cooking and eating alone at lunch, so I have been going out a little more than usual. 
First up was Brasil, Adam and I had an interesting dinner there before yoga.  I say it was interesting because I was still dealing with jet lag, and it seemed like the person who took our order was too.  Our order wasn't quite correct, however everything was fixed in the end.  I have been back since breakfast with no issues.  It is within walking distance of one of our yoga studios so I can see it becoming a regular place. 
Then there was a Table 19.  I have driven by the place many times and something about it always drew me to it.  I stopped in before a meeting with my teacher.  The soup was good, however I was not too fond of my chicken sandwich.   It was a nice place to people watch and get some writing down before my meeting.
Next up was Lowbrow.  Adam and I went out to dinner with some of our friends and I finally got a burger for the first time since I was back.  The night was certainly memorable, with eating in the rain, Adam's drink never arriving and hearing about a professional photographer talk about shooting monks somewhere else in the world. 
Next up is Pass and Provisions!  Adam and I went here for a date night before we headed to meditation.  (Between yoga, meditation, Dao classes and Tai Chi we sneak in date meals whenever we can).  This place was fabulous!  In the photo above is their Ceasar Salad.  This is a winner.  It would be a fun place to gather with friends and sit at the bar.
Most recent was Aladdin Mediterranean Cuisine, Adam's last minute decision to get the roasted egg plant was awesome!  It was great to sit outside in the patio, and I only got a few mosquito bites.    

There we go!  Looks like I will make it to 33 new restaurants before my birthday, I need to examine my list and start some new projects!

Question to consider: What is your favorite type of food for a date night?

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