Monday, April 21, 2014

Number 13 (28)

My teacher is very fond of telling me "I didn't ask 'what you don't want;' I want to know what you do want."  So what does that look like in action?

I was driving home Easter weekend not looking forward to doing some mundane chores with Adam.  So instead of focusing on the fact that I didn't want to tackle the chores.  I asked myself "what do I want?"   I simply wanted some quality time with Adam to talk about our day.  He had been in Dao class all day, and I always love hearing about what he is learning.  

So when we got home I suggested we grab a dessert and put the chores off until another day.  (They could wait, and surprise the chores eventually got handled and everything was perfect.)  So we tried a new wine bar that had just opened up near us, Mosset Wine Bar!

The dessert was good, the service was a little slow, there are some growing pains.  It is a place we will head back to and are how it grows and expands. 

It is a little more useful to ask yourself what do you want.  When I answer that question, I start filling my life with the things I want.  Suddenly I have no time to do the things I no longer want.  Of course I always have chores; I get to do those.  In this case the chores could wait a day.  This is not about ignoring what needs to be done, it is about approaching life in a useful and positive state.

Question to consider: Do you focus on what you want in life or do you focus on what you don't want?  Just notice how you answer that question.  It is an interesting practice for me to change that focus!

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