Wednesday, April 2, 2014


After traveling for 40 hours, I waited at the baggage claim for my bag.  Thankfully my Dad kept me company while I waited for my bad, and then I found out it was still in Doha.  A couple of days later when I walked out the door to take Sterling for a walk, my bag was there waiting.  Now that I have finally gone through my bag, and had some time to settle I wanted to share my favorite questions I have gotten about  my experience.  Maybe I will even answer them!

1.  Describe the experience in one word.  Transformational  (I was asked this question a lot, and I used a lot of different words.  I have settled on transformational.)

2. What was your favorite thing?  The people!  It is funny how I went to the other side of the world, and I fell in love with the people.  I saw some beautiful sites, but my favorite moments and the things I took back with me are the people.  However there was one magical night, near the full moon when the skies were clear enough that we were able to see the mountains at night and were even treated to a falling star.  

3. When are you going back?  I have two plans in the works and we will see what happens.  I am going back, I have some things to gain competence in first.  

4. What did you miss the most?  There were times I missed people and things; but for the most part I was busy living and didn't think too much about what I might be missing.  I came back with a huge appreciation for clean air, clean water and hot showers.  

Question to consider: How do you maintain connection to people and places that are separated by large distances? 

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