Friday, April 11, 2014

Rising tide

I have been thinking about an expression "A rising tide raises all boats." It seems the Internet gives JFK credit for this expression, but who knows.  It isn't so important to me who said it first.  I have been sitting with this expression a lot.

When I first started studying yoga, when I first walked into this different and strange world.  One of my teachers told me he didn't envy the journey I was starting.  He told me it can be very difficult at times to change, to keep going and to keep growing.  (I had no idea what he was talking about; his words have stayed with me.)  I started doing yoga because I wanted to heal my back and remind my body how strong it is. 

I am starting to get glimpses into what he was telling me that day.  I look around at how many things have changed in my life.  I have lost some friendships and relationships.  I have gained additional family.  It is all perfect, and every tear, every moment I screamed, every moment I laughed has molded me into a better person, a person I am happy to be. 

I am now starting to see the leaps my friends and family are taking in their lives.  I am starting to understand how the ripples of my journey can and do affect other people. 

Question to consider: What is one way that you have grown in the past month?  What is one way that your loved ones have grown in the past month?  (Have you told them you are proud of them, or let them know you noticed?)

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