Monday, April 21, 2014

Thinking about year three

So I have been thinking a little about what I to focus on for the upcoming year.  Year two will be completed on May 1st.  I have focused on finding inspiration, both in myself and in others.  There are times that my path has strayed; and I still kept going and searching.  Life continued to introduce me to amazing people and my eyes were open enough to see them.

I have been drawing a blank on what to focus on for the next year, in terms of this blog.  My path is taking me on a journey to love and serve others.  To find all the ways that I am able to help others, by honoring my uniqueness.  By looking at every experience in my life and realizing that I can use those experiences to help others.  (It can be as simple as sitting on a couch with some friends and listening to their story.)

So to my readers, friends and family: what are you focusing on in your life right now?  I would love suggestions on different focuses. 
As a side note, this Easter weekend was amazing.  I was conflicted about staying in town, because Adam was in classes most of the weekend.  Wouldn't you know it I was busy spending time with my friends all weekend.  I had a very special moment when I was making fruit salad for Adam's class, when I felt my grandmother's spirit.  All those years cooking with her set me up so that I am able to make a beautiful fruit salad without my brain at all.   

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