Monday, April 28, 2014

What is left... 33 things before 33

So it is time to get a focused and reexamine my list and see if I am still interested in doing everything on my list.

5. Trip to Europe (This is happening very soon)
6. Yoga retreat (I am looking for a yoga retreat.  There isn't a lot of time left)

9. Sell a piece of art that I make (This one hasn't happened yet.  I almost sold some of my work, but she decided to go in a different direction.)

12. Visit the Williams Waterwall in Houston (Adam and I will make this happen.  Maybe we will get a chance when Adam's parents are in town)
13. Try 33 five new restaurants in Houston (I am up to 28)
14. Weed through the bookcases and media storage (This is an ongoing project. Adam and I tackled some of this when we redid the living room)

16. Do a yoga photo shoot (Adam has done a couple of yoga shoots, so I will get my butt in gear)
17. Have a family picture taken (I am still looking for a good Groupon)
18. Go to the rock gym with Adam (Does a mud run count?)

20. Crayon art project with Adam (I painted with a friend, however I still want to play with melting crayons on canvas)

25. Find Sterling's little dog sibling (Our hearts broke a little bit after we rescued a little dog.  So we have decided that for now Sterling will be an only sibling.  Especially considering how much travel we are both planning.)
26. Meet new saving goals (This is on going project, but so far success!)
27. Fill up my sketchbook (This is an ongoing project, I have been writing in my journal a lot.  I might just finish that instead)
28. Make homemade jam (Strawberries are in the store, soon!)
29. Watch a firework show (I was just talking to Adam about this.  Does a shooting star in Nepal count?)
30. Take a tea tasting class (We will go to Path of Tea soon! Maybe we will miss a Wednesday night meditation) 
31. Paint some ceramics (I am planning to do this with Adam's mom when they come and visit soon.)
32.  Make an ice cream cake (Umm...I am not so sure about this one)
33.  Lord of the Rings extended version marathon (I have watched the Fellowship a number of times, when I have been sick.) 

Bonus tasks or ideas for substitutions (Life happens)
Harry Potter Marathon  
Reread all the Harry potter books
Order Room Service
Upgrade seats on a plane 

There are nineteen more to go!  I have 10 weeks and 2 days before my birthday.  Let's see what I can create in that time.

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