Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I got this wonderful gift from Adam's mother, this week when they came to visit.  This magnet is perfect, it really speaks to me.  When she gave it to me she told me she didn't quite know why but she knew it was for me.  It is perfect.

In my women's group this weekend we talked about intuition, recognizing and listening to your intuition.  This gift is a perfect example of Heather trusting her intuition and giving me a perfect gift.  It speaks to me and will serve as a wonderful reminder both of that the quote means to me, to trust my own intiuition, to be grateful for Heather and the rest of my family.  

Question to consider:  What will you create today?   

Friday, May 23, 2014

Brother time!

I have lived in Houston for almost nine years and this month was the first time my brother came to visit this city.  He had a work thing here, so bonus Adam and I got to have dinner with him and catch up.

This photo shows how much someone is capable of healing themselves.  My brother had been very sick a number of weeks ago and now he is exploring a new city!   Things were pretty grim, and he rose to the occasion and got better.

This is photo serves as a reminder that things are always moving and changing.  Sometimes you just need to rest and give your body some time to heal.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Number 13 (31 & 32)

I am almost there!  First up number 31 Birraporetti's. Adam and I have seen this place so many times and have talked about going to eat there either before or after a show in the theater district.  Adam surprised me with tickets to the Opera, so one of our friends made reservations for the six of us to dine at Birraporetti's.  The eggplant was really good, I love eggplant parmigiana.  
Next is number 32 Yia Yia Mary's.  I went to this Greek place with some friends and loved the appetizer sampler and the soup.  Probably the last soup I will eat in Houston for a while as temperatures start to rise, but Sunday morning it was still cool enough to enjoy the soup out on the patio. 

Need to pick something special for number 33!

Question to consider: Are you enjoying the approach of summer?  What is your favorite season?

Friday, May 16, 2014


I have been reading a book series for a while, and the series is still ongoing, at some point I will catch up to the most recent book.  In one of the books something dramatic happens to a long standing and beloved character of the series.  (It could be seen as bad, nevertheless it is dramatic.)  That character's story has simply faded away with no real "resolution."  

So the author wrote a short story to handle the fact that his readers were dissatisified with how that story "ended."   It was a beautiful story that I fully intend to listen to again soon, because I felt so much.  The story was addressing the fact that sometimes "horrible" things can actually be the best thing that ever happened.  It addresses the strength and courage that one shows by changing a situation and using it to their advantage.  The story addresses the fact that humans are so limited in their trust of God, that they try to label things as good or bad.  Especially when I am in a dark or unresourceful state I am not looking at the big, giant picture.  In fact even when I am in a resourceful state I still have no idea what the giant picture is, I am not able to fathom the ripples that one action will make.   So who am I to question God?  Who I am to question the plan or pass judgement on if something is good or bad?

The truth is the good is always there.  To quote a good friend of mine "When you are in middle of it, when everything is going wrong.  Look for your angels.  There is always one, you have to look for the angel."  I have had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with people with really strong faith, the trust is so strong I feel it.  I feel it in their words, it is that powerful.   I am not there yet, I question a lot.  I do know that I am looking for my angels more and more.  I do know that I am finding the good in the dramatic events that I continue to experience.  I know where I am going on this journey of faith.  

Question to consider: Did you notice the angels in your life today?  Take a deep breath and send them some gratitude, and take a moment to wonder about the big picture.  

Monday, May 12, 2014

Number 13 (30)

I have been lucky to be getting some good quality time with some of my female friends by taking aerial silks.  The other Monday we walked out of class, the sun was still shining and Kelsey's face lit up and she suggested we go get a drink.  So we parked our cars, went for a little walk and ended up at Onion Creek.  We had some cocktails and salads.  The food was fresh and hit the spot.

Since one of our group is about to move to Portland, these little gatherings are extra special.  I am so grateful to both Susan and Kelsey for giving me the opportunity to cease the moment and treasure the last weeks before big changes happen.

Question to consider:  What is your favorite post workout hangout?  Do you ever go out after a workout, or do you immediately run home to shower?

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sterling Sunday

Sterling keeping us company while Adam and I call our moms.  Happy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Un poquito

"A little bit."  That is how I answered the question in Spain that led to an amazing experience.  Adam described it as a healing experience, I am still coming to terms with what "healing" is.  Adam had a half day free during his conference, so after running through his presentation again, we headed out the doors of the hotel and walked to the winery near by. 

We walked among the grapes, we saw the new seedlings being nurtured and the mature vines creating a still and wise atmosphere.  We eventually wandered into the tasting room, and felt like we intruded in a private event.  We were quickly welcomed and offered a glass of red wine. 

As we continued our tasting the other groups finished, trickled out and left the cellar.  The winemaker began to talk to us, and asked "Do you speak Spanish?"  A said "a little bit."   He quickly smiled, dismissed his friend who had been pouring us wine, saying; "I speak a little, she speaks a little; it will be fun!"

So he proceeded to tell us about the wines, and his favorite pairings.  I translated for Adam, I was able to understand what he was telling me, the only issue was my inability to really speak and add to the conversation with words.  It is amazing how much can be communicated with smiles, gratitude and gestures.  The two times that Adam and I have been to Europe, some of my favorite moments have been with winemakers or farmers that share their passion for their craft.  Passion is something that can be felt, seen and radiates past language barriers. 

As we left the tasting room, to enter the maze of grape vines.  Adam looked at me and said "that was amazing, that was healing."   I didn't understand his point.  As I sit with the experience I am understanding that healing, does not have to look like curing the sick, or taking away someone's pain.  Allowing a person to be themselves, to share their spirit with you heals both parties. 

Taking off masks, acknowledging that everyone is stumbling through life with the best intentions, creates opportunities to grow.

Question to consider: What is your craft?  Tell me more.

Dissolving walls

When I was a little girl, I used to do this exercise before I fell asleep.  I would go into my heart and start building a safe room.  I would visualize the walls of this room, I would decorate it however I wanted and I would sit there.  As I got older I continued this exercise and the walls became more and more solid, higher and higher.  I made sure to seal up any cracks and continued to decorate my little room in my heart.  I told myself this was my "safe" place, this was the area that I could be creative in.  I could paint the walls pepto bismo pink and no one would say anything to me.  At some point I forgot about my little room and this little exercise, until  months ago when I was doing a heart activation meditation in my class. 

From that little tidbit of memory I started writing a story about the little girl who is locked inside her pretty castle.  Slowly I am working on letting her out, I get glimpses of her in the maze I have built.  But she is scared.  She runs away from people, from love, she has no trust and she has forgotten how to laugh.  She spent years and hours sealing her little castle, she added walls and moats and traps.  The story is not about rescuing her, the story is about releasing her and embracing her.  

The question is whose point of view do I write the story from?  

Number 13 (29)

I am quickly working through new restaurants in Houston.  Maybe next year I will set the goal to eat out less and make more new recipes.  Eating out is a an experience which describes our experience at Brasserie Max and Julie. It was a long leisurely meal.  We took Sterling with us and sat on the patio, Sterling made lots of friends.  Everyone was so impressed with our calm collected dog.  Sterling enjoyed all the attention, he also would have liked to sample the food.   I am loving these dog friendly patios!

Question to consider: What are your thoughts about pet friendly patios at restaurants?

Monday, May 5, 2014

Fuzzy healer

My last blog post I wrote about how I wanted to gain more competence and experience with discovering what it means to be a healer.  To begin to focus on others and use the lessons I have learned.  

Ask and you shall receive!  Adam has been fighting a bug since we got back from Spain, so I have gotten to take care of him and focus my energy on getting him back to health.

The best healer in our house, Sterling, is on the job too.  This little ball of fuzz is an amazing healer.  He is continuously giving unconditional love, and always knows when someone is ill.  He just rests with them and keeps their feet warm.

As I continue to learn what it means, what it looks like to be a healer, I am glad I have this little ball of fuzz in my life.  He reminds me to simple be, to give, to not worry about the results.

Question to consider: Who inspires you to stay with your goals?  

Friday, May 2, 2014

Year three

My mom loves to tell me: "these are the types of problems you want to have."  I am sitting on a magical porch, on a beautiful island and I am wondering which view I want to soak in while I journal.
This is the first option, so much of this scene reminds me of home.  I remember the giant cacti in my grandparents back yard.  I remember my brother redirecting me from walking straight into one. (I do not have the best awareness when it come to my feet.).  I remember how much life there is with minimal water.
The other option is lush and green, with a view of the beautiful blue pool.  This view reminds me of summer vacations, of seeing how lush other parts of the country are.  It also reminds me how much work it takes to maintain a green environment.  It reminds me of summers in my backyard picking vegetables, pulling weeds and playing on the slip and slide.

It is about comparison.  The more I consciously experience the more I see the two sides of life.  The more I realize the separation is about 2mm between one extreme and another.  The more I realize it is possible to dance when you are happy and when you are sad.

Today marks the end of year two while I type this I am undecided about what to focus on for year three.  Actually that is not true, I know exactly what I want to focus on for year three.  I am having trouble deciding how it would work with my blog.  The first two years of my blog were focused on my healing, on how I am changing my focus, how I am healing my heart.   Now is the time to focus on loving and serving others.  Now is the time to develop my talents and gain competence as a healer.  

Stay tuned for how I will blog about this next journey, on May 3rd, 2015 I will chose a new focus.  

Question to consider: What landscape brings you peace?  Where do you travel to in your mind when you are hurting for comfort?