Friday, May 16, 2014


I have been reading a book series for a while, and the series is still ongoing, at some point I will catch up to the most recent book.  In one of the books something dramatic happens to a long standing and beloved character of the series.  (It could be seen as bad, nevertheless it is dramatic.)  That character's story has simply faded away with no real "resolution."  

So the author wrote a short story to handle the fact that his readers were dissatisified with how that story "ended."   It was a beautiful story that I fully intend to listen to again soon, because I felt so much.  The story was addressing the fact that sometimes "horrible" things can actually be the best thing that ever happened.  It addresses the strength and courage that one shows by changing a situation and using it to their advantage.  The story addresses the fact that humans are so limited in their trust of God, that they try to label things as good or bad.  Especially when I am in a dark or unresourceful state I am not looking at the big, giant picture.  In fact even when I am in a resourceful state I still have no idea what the giant picture is, I am not able to fathom the ripples that one action will make.   So who am I to question God?  Who I am to question the plan or pass judgement on if something is good or bad?

The truth is the good is always there.  To quote a good friend of mine "When you are in middle of it, when everything is going wrong.  Look for your angels.  There is always one, you have to look for the angel."  I have had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with people with really strong faith, the trust is so strong I feel it.  I feel it in their words, it is that powerful.   I am not there yet, I question a lot.  I do know that I am looking for my angels more and more.  I do know that I am finding the good in the dramatic events that I continue to experience.  I know where I am going on this journey of faith.  

Question to consider: Did you notice the angels in your life today?  Take a deep breath and send them some gratitude, and take a moment to wonder about the big picture.  

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