Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Dissolving walls

When I was a little girl, I used to do this exercise before I fell asleep.  I would go into my heart and start building a safe room.  I would visualize the walls of this room, I would decorate it however I wanted and I would sit there.  As I got older I continued this exercise and the walls became more and more solid, higher and higher.  I made sure to seal up any cracks and continued to decorate my little room in my heart.  I told myself this was my "safe" place, this was the area that I could be creative in.  I could paint the walls pepto bismo pink and no one would say anything to me.  At some point I forgot about my little room and this little exercise, until  months ago when I was doing a heart activation meditation in my class. 

From that little tidbit of memory I started writing a story about the little girl who is locked inside her pretty castle.  Slowly I am working on letting her out, I get glimpses of her in the maze I have built.  But she is scared.  She runs away from people, from love, she has no trust and she has forgotten how to laugh.  She spent years and hours sealing her little castle, she added walls and moats and traps.  The story is not about rescuing her, the story is about releasing her and embracing her.  

The question is whose point of view do I write the story from?  

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