Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Un poquito

"A little bit."  That is how I answered the question in Spain that led to an amazing experience.  Adam described it as a healing experience, I am still coming to terms with what "healing" is.  Adam had a half day free during his conference, so after running through his presentation again, we headed out the doors of the hotel and walked to the winery near by. 

We walked among the grapes, we saw the new seedlings being nurtured and the mature vines creating a still and wise atmosphere.  We eventually wandered into the tasting room, and felt like we intruded in a private event.  We were quickly welcomed and offered a glass of red wine. 

As we continued our tasting the other groups finished, trickled out and left the cellar.  The winemaker began to talk to us, and asked "Do you speak Spanish?"  A said "a little bit."   He quickly smiled, dismissed his friend who had been pouring us wine, saying; "I speak a little, she speaks a little; it will be fun!"

So he proceeded to tell us about the wines, and his favorite pairings.  I translated for Adam, I was able to understand what he was telling me, the only issue was my inability to really speak and add to the conversation with words.  It is amazing how much can be communicated with smiles, gratitude and gestures.  The two times that Adam and I have been to Europe, some of my favorite moments have been with winemakers or farmers that share their passion for their craft.  Passion is something that can be felt, seen and radiates past language barriers. 

As we left the tasting room, to enter the maze of grape vines.  Adam looked at me and said "that was amazing, that was healing."   I didn't understand his point.  As I sit with the experience I am understanding that healing, does not have to look like curing the sick, or taking away someone's pain.  Allowing a person to be themselves, to share their spirit with you heals both parties. 

Taking off masks, acknowledging that everyone is stumbling through life with the best intentions, creates opportunities to grow.

Question to consider: What is your craft?  Tell me more.

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  1. That is such a nice story! I am glad you both can find the best of every situation ;-). Mirka