Friday, May 2, 2014

Year three

My mom loves to tell me: "these are the types of problems you want to have."  I am sitting on a magical porch, on a beautiful island and I am wondering which view I want to soak in while I journal.
This is the first option, so much of this scene reminds me of home.  I remember the giant cacti in my grandparents back yard.  I remember my brother redirecting me from walking straight into one. (I do not have the best awareness when it come to my feet.).  I remember how much life there is with minimal water.
The other option is lush and green, with a view of the beautiful blue pool.  This view reminds me of summer vacations, of seeing how lush other parts of the country are.  It also reminds me how much work it takes to maintain a green environment.  It reminds me of summers in my backyard picking vegetables, pulling weeds and playing on the slip and slide.

It is about comparison.  The more I consciously experience the more I see the two sides of life.  The more I realize the separation is about 2mm between one extreme and another.  The more I realize it is possible to dance when you are happy and when you are sad.

Today marks the end of year two while I type this I am undecided about what to focus on for year three.  Actually that is not true, I know exactly what I want to focus on for year three.  I am having trouble deciding how it would work with my blog.  The first two years of my blog were focused on my healing, on how I am changing my focus, how I am healing my heart.   Now is the time to focus on loving and serving others.  Now is the time to develop my talents and gain competence as a healer.  

Stay tuned for how I will blog about this next journey, on May 3rd, 2015 I will chose a new focus.  

Question to consider: What landscape brings you peace?  Where do you travel to in your mind when you are hurting for comfort?  

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