Monday, June 9, 2014

Moday motivation. What motivates you?

June 16th was supposed to be all about motivation and what motivates me.  However I was exhausted on Monday and chose to listen to my body and rested for most of the day.  In the past I would have had negative associations with taking time to rest and recover especially when traveling.  I could think that I was missing out on something, however Adam and I spent a nice relaxing day resting, chatting and then had an amzing dinner with one of our friends.  I am grateful that Adam understood that I wanted to rest and not spend hours forcing myself to enjoy museums or walking around town.  Only because I felt so exhausted, usually I love those things.  

Honestly this guy right here motivates me a lot of the time!  Adam works so hard at everything he committs to.   Since I do not have the typical 9-5 job, I can feel unproductive a lot of the time.  I think of how hard Adam works at his job and what an amazing opportunity I have to explore my passions.  This usually motivates me to do something creative and get moving.  

I don't know why I love this photo, maybe it makes me think of cinderella.  I was replacing a bandaid on my foot in a parking garage.  I think I love the smile on Adam's face.  It feels like a perfect moment to me.

What motivates you?  

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