Monday, June 9, 2014

Manic Monday! What’s giving you a case of the Mondays?

Monday tends to get a bad rap, it seems like a lot of people complain about Mondays and going back to the grind.  Since I do not keep a regular schedule and work on random days, Mondays don't have the same meaning for me any more.

So I thought about what a "case of the Mondays" means to me.  I decided it was about procrastination, not wanting to handle some tasks that I am not excited about or that I see obstacles about.  I was given the task to write a biography for Adam and I, which one would think is an easy task. 

So I am distracting myself with other more "fun" tasks like laundry, dishes, going to the post office and giving Sterling a bath.   Now that I am sitting at my computer it is time to get working on our bios.

Question to consider: What is does a "case of the Mondays" mean to you?  Is today even your "Monday?"

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