Friday, June 27, 2014

Number 6

Number six was to go to a yoga retreat.  I had giant hopes that Adam and I were going to go to a healing retreat the weekend before my weekend.  Things didn't work out according to that plan, so I created my own yoga/meditation/qigong retreat while I was in Amsterdam.  I took an entire day for myself to practice, take a nap and eat some good food.   Adam and I went out to dinner after he spent an hour practicing yoga and I practiced a new qigong.

This is a lesson for me in creating the experience I want no matter what happens with anything else.  It is possible to create your own little retreat, I do it frequently during the week when I take an epsom salt bath.  I simply took all the elements I wanted to experience during a yoga retreat and made it happen.  

It is my hope that Adam and I still get to go to this healing retreat when it is rescheduled!

Question to consider: What do you want to experience when you go on retreat?

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