Monday, June 9, 2014

Stretch those legs mid-week and go outside or for a walk. Snap and share!

Summer days continues.  I am so glad that I am in Amsterdam for this challenge and not in hot/humid Houston.  If I was still in Houston Sterling and I would be walking right as the sun came up, for as long as we could handle the heat.  The weather here is beautiful, I didn't even mind the misty rain as I walked this afternoon.
I wandered around the city today and found myself at The Anne Frank house.  (Unfortunately I didn't take any photos during the hour I waited in line and no photography is allowed in the museum.)  

I have to say it was a very interesting experience walking through the house, that was restored to look the way it would have in 1944 after the hiding place was discovered.  Honestly the building had a very haunting and vacant energy, the floors creaked, people moved in silence, and the air was dense. 

In my most recent Reiki attunetment, we learned the Medicine Buddha Mantra.  I find this mantra extremely soothing, and it has become a daily part of my practice to say it in my head.  I still feel self consious singing it out loud.  So as I walked through the building I continuously saying that mantra in my head, the exploration of the building became a meditation of sorts.   I hope that some healing energy is able to come to that place and the people that visit.  

I found the experience pretty emotional, and there were some people that were openly sobbing during the tour.  I understand the importance of learning history, I even understand the importanceof historical   museums and sites (I used to work at a living history ranch).  Since this is my blog, I do have to say something about visiting this site was distrubing.  I found it disturbing that the intention was to recreate the atmosphere after the annex was cleaned out.  (They answered this concern, because they wanted the space to be a memorial to all of the people who never came back.)   I just wondered what the space looked like when they were living there, since I read that book as a little girl.  I imagined how the spaces were set up, the tension, the love, the fear and the hope that must have been ever present.  

Anyways on to less heavy topics.   The World Cup!

Tonight we are going to watch the World Cup match between Netherlands and Australia.  I went shopping for some orange shirts and scarves.  I am really excited to watch the match with some locals and passionate football fans.   

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