Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Who made you smile today?

Day 3 of 30 days of Summer - Who made you smile today?

Today I got the pleasure of working with some amazing children at the Children's Advocacy Center!  Obviously I am not going to take their photo or even talk about their names, it is enough for me to know that those children left with smiles on their faces.

When I started working at the advocacy center, I thought it might be super emotional and depressing.  There have definitely been days that are emotional, I have never walked away depressed.  More often I find myself wondering about the children I interact with and hoping that someone in their life is helping them heal.  

It is surely a coincidence that I am reminded of all the reasons I may have never started working with the advocacy center on the day that I received my first Hospice volunteer assignment.   I started telling stories about how difficult a situation this might be to care for someone in their last moments of life.  I was feeling a lot of fear and uncertainty.  Adam gave me some good advice to remember the state I was in when I committed to this volunteer position.   Now I feel honored and grateful that I will be able to get to know someone in the final moments of their path.  

Lots of things made me smile today!  I learned a new Qigong in class, I got to play with the children at the advocacy center, I had an enlightening conversation with Adam and as I type Sterling is playing with his ball!   

Question to consider: Who made you smile today?  Did you remember to thank them?

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