Friday, July 11, 2014


I have been observing how interesting this week is.  I have gotten several requests for "help" from people.  As I begin to understand healing and theraputics I also have to learn about my capabilities.  

The first request, was a subtle one.  A friend of mine was having some pain associated with inflamation.  I have experience with this type of inflammation and pain, I used Qigong to help the issue and heal my body.  So I offered to teach it to her.  This was stepping outside of my comfort zone, and I had some fears.  (What if it didn't help her?)  So while I prepare to teach someone this qigong and look at those fears about me not being enough.  I felt like I needed just one more tool, one more thing to show her.  The universe provides!  Last night in yoga we had a guest teacher that shared a new qigong, that I know can help as well.   I am excited to show my friend what I know and also to explore a new qigong together if that is what speaks to her.  

The second request was from one of my teachers.  He wanted me to substitute a class for him.  It was very difficult for me to say no.  I am not capable of teaching yoga to a large group yet, my home practice is not strong enough.  I still was feeling regret that I wasn't able to help him.  Adam's grandfather has pearls of wisdom and the one that kept coming into my mind was "sometimes you are the only one equipped to help someone, be honored that you were ask and help them."  The more I thought about that idea, the more I realized I was missing a crucial point.  In order to help someone I have to be properly equipped.  If the skills or knowledge or comptence are not there, I am not able to truly help someone.  It is important to be aware of where I am before I run myself ragged helping people.  

The third request was out of the blue from an acquaintance, he asked if I did acupunture.  I responded that I am currently learning about energy work.  So he asked if I could help him with an issue clearing up some congestion issues he has been having.  I responded that I would do some research and see what I may be able to help him with.  Again out of my comfort zone, to talk about energetic healing and also to respond that maybe I can help.  

I am told that the magic happens when you step outside of your comfort zone.  I am told that these are the tiny moments that lead to growth and big breakthroughs.  I do know that when I put out an intention and let it go, the universe (the Dao) provides.  I have asked to become competent as a healer and part of that is going to get bumps and bruises, part of that will be turning down opportunities, and part is going to be to continue going.  I am excited to continue this roller coaster ride and see the highs, the lows, the twists and turns.  

Question to consider: Do you see the opportunities for growth that are around you each and every day?  

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