Thursday, July 17, 2014

Happy birthday, my love!

Wow!  Sometimes it seems like yesterday we were celebrating our 18th birthdays and sometimes it feels like so long ago that I don't remember what we did to celebrate then.  (Seriously how did we celebrate those early birthdays?)

I am drawing a blank of what to write, how to show my appreciation for even just this last year.  Last year we celebrated your birthday weekend, with lots of yoga, dinners, and we went to see Wicked.  If I remember correctly it was the only weekend that month that we allowed ourselves to slow down.  

This year is completely different...

It is wonderful to see how much you have changed and grown in the past year.  You have almost completed yoga teacher training, that hasn't stopped you from teaching and continuing to look for more oppportunities to practice your craft.  You have traveled around the world for business, giving presentations and helping train others.  You have grown as my husband and I believe our relationship is the strongest, and most honest it has ever been.  You continue to support my wild and crazy ideas, and don't hesitate when I ask if I can go to the other side of the world for extended perions of time to teach Science.  (Basically you get me!)  You killed it during our obstacle mud run, I am excited to hear about your next race.   

I wrote this on a recent plane trip, as I watched you sleep.  Here is the part that I am willing to share with the world. 

When Adam looks at me time can stop, as I watch him sleep I know there is not another connection like this in the entire universe.  So much had to happen to create this moment, this experience.  

I don't know if this is all a dream, that question doesn't matter right now.  I know that I have never loved Adam as much as I do in this moment, when everything is still.  

I love you Adam!

Question to consider: What will you create this year?

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