Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Number 9

Number 9 was to sell a piece of art that I made.  There were several times this year were it looked like a possibility that someone might pay me for my work.  Things change. 

However one of my friends, saw one of the pieces of art I made recently and asked me to make her a piece.  I made her this piece, it is my favorite piece that I have made so far.

Sometimes after a piece is finished and I take a couple steps back, I notice all the things  I learned making the piece, sometimes I do a giddy little dance and sometimes I see how perfect it is.   When I took the last letter off of this painting and revealed the entire word, I felt a shift in energy, a completeness that I have not felt with a painting before.  

I am so excited to gift her this piece as a thank you for everything she has taught me and continues to teach me.

Question to consider:  What is a single word that speaks to you?

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