Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Numbers 16, 17, 26, 27, 29, 30, 33

Yeah, birthday month!  As I look at a couple of items on my list I realize that I have completed the items in a different way that I originally intended and some of them are not terribly photo worthy.  So here is my discussion of those items.

16. Do a yoga photo shoot
Adam pointed out to me that I accomplished this during the weekend, as I shot photos of a friend's back bending  workshop.   When I originally wrote this list, I had envisioned Adam and I doing a yoga shoot with a friend to promote Adam's teaching and possibly to build his private clients.  Adam did do a promotional shoot for his yoga studio, and it looks like he is starting to get some private clients.  It is funny how you put an intention out into the universe and doesn't look the way you expected, the parts are all still there!

17. Have a family picture taken
Again, I had thought about having a professional session with a photographer with Adam, Sterling and I.  We had done this a couple of years ago and it was so fun, I just never found a groupon or photographer I really liked.  It you look at my blog this past year there are many photos of the three of us.  Adam and I have also taken the most sincere photographs in this past year than we have in a long time.  I think our photos now, capture our spirits.  So much better than a posed, stiff, family portrait.   

26. Meet new saving goals 
Not really worth a photo, Adam and I hit our savings and investment goals for the year, even with all of the travel.  I intend to reevaluate our budget again and see what we want to invest in (ourselves) and what we are investing in that does not serve us.

27. Fill up my sketchbook
I didn't exactly fill up my sketchbook, it is about 3/4 of the way filled.  I have filled up and completed two journals this year.  My intention was to build my creativity, and writing for me is just as creative as sketching, drawing, painting ect.  

29. Watch a firework show
We did make an honest effort to see the fireworks show when we were in Portland, last year.  Daniel and I did see a couple.  We are celebrating the 4th in Dallas this year, and we may be able to see the fireworks from Ashley's backyard.  I did watch a fireworks show put on by Mother Nature.  One night in Nepal, we ran up to the roof, because the sky was so clear that mountains were lit up in the dark.  As we took in the view, this clear, still night was exclaimed with a single shooting star.  It was a perfect moment.  I have a photo on my phone of that black, dark night just to remember how still and clear everything was in that moment.

30. Take a tea tasting class
When Adam's parents were in town we finally made it to Path of Tea.  We didn't have time for a formal "class."  We still got an education, about different teas.  It is funny I remember taking a photo, and even drafting a post.  Maybe it got lost or maybe I didn't ever write it.
33.  Lord of the Rings extended version marathon
Fellowship is one of my favorite movies to watch while I am sick, or feeling in need of some calm.  So honestly that is the one of the trilogy that speaks to my soul. It is the important one.

Question to consider: Do you notice when your intention is fulfilled even when the end result doesn't look the way you originally envisioned?  

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