Monday, July 14, 2014

Potty Training

So my Daoist teacher really likes to answer questions with another question, a common question I ask is " How do I know?"  His repsonse is usually "How do you know when you have to pee?"  I would hope one day I would learn to stop asking the same question, I am pretty thickheaded sometimes.

I recently took this metaphor to a different level.  Knowing that you have to pee is about body wisdom, I don't remember potty training, learning to walk, learning to crawl.   I have no idea how "difficult" those skills might have been to acquire, I take for granted that I know.  

The interesting thing, is no one every judges the fact that they have to go to the bathroom.  There is no story associated with it, no emotions.  Everyone just handles the situation as it comes up and moves on with their life.  

What would it be like to do that with emotions?  To simply feel the emotion and let it go.  To stop questioning, "why am I sad?"  To stop making up a story about every single emotion that comes up, to stop seeking for a deeper meaning.  To realize it is just an emotion, and it has nothing to do with who or what you are?

As someone who has struggled a lot with anxiety and sadness.  I know how fast emotions can start spinning out of control, how fast the thoughts start spinning, how quickly it is to lose control all because I focus on an emotion and start making up a story about it, start judging the emotion, myself and my life.   

Maybe emotions just bring the flavor or the color to our lives.  Biologically speaking an emotion will pass in 90 seconds, unless something causes the brain to continue releasing that particular cocktail of neuro transmitters.  Humans hit the reset button on those emotions, we use them for all kinds of purposes.  However sometimes the emotion is not useful.  I know when an emotion is not useful when I am stuck, emotion creates motion.  It can be the energy that drives us.  

Just as a side note, why all the judgement and advice about how someone should be feeling?  Give them some space, if that is what they need and allow them to let it go.   No one wants or needs judgement when they are hurting or struggling.  

Question to consider:  How do you know you have to pee?

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