Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sterling Sunday

This morning I woke up and was really overcome with gratitude.  This past week involved a lot of running around and taking care of people.  There were many moments where I didn't know if I had the energy, or the clarity to continue opening myself up.  This morning I realized that in all of those moments the universe provided me with encouragement or something that I needed.  Whether it was a suprise hug from a friend, or remembering that I had a protein bar stashed in my car, or Adam providing me with a meal, or a friend taking care of travel arrangements for an upcoming trip, or getting an extra moment to find my breath and returning to center.   I am so grateful for all those little things I noticed and for all those little moments that I was taken care of.  It really is a pleasure to serve others and to recieve care from others.  

 Question to consider: What were your first thoughts when you woke up this morning?

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