Monday, August 25, 2014

20 minutes at a time

I have been working on this painting for a while, I drew sketches of what I wanted, how I was going to turn this blank canvas into an inspiration.  The day I started the painting I spilled a glass of water all over the sketches,  I watched the ink run and blur all my ideas.   So I let the ideas go, the quote was the same, how the painting emerged was going to be without a plan.

So I simply started painting 20 minutes at a time, the moments when I had just enough time to paint, clean the brush and run to my next task.  I found there were a lot of twenty minute chunks in a week, I snapped this photo one early morning before I headed to class.   Amazed at how much the canvas came to life in that short amount of time, it was simply white and black before I started adding the purple.   

At the end I cheated a little bit, the letters wouldn't let me sleep.  So I finished the lettering in a large chunk of time while Adam was in class for the weekend.   Looking at this painting, I don't remember the original idea, because this painting is what actually exist.   The other ideas simply faded away, and I fell in love with the process of painting 20 minutes at time.

Question to consider: What could you create with just twenty minutes at time?  Too often I think I don't have time to do something, because I think it has to be done in one chunk.  I am slowly learning how to make little bits of time to do exactly what I want.

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