Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Every tiny step

A couple of weeks ago, Adam and I traveled to Oregon to celebrate the wedding of two of our close friends.  When they announced the location of their destination wedding, most people were puzzled.  Adam and I totally understood, because we had visited Astoria with them last year during Fourth of July weekend.  

As I watched our two friends dance their first dance I could see all the little steps that lead me to being able to be present at their wedding.  It all started last year, Daniel was going to be doing an intership in Portland for the summer.  So Adam and I were faced with a choice if we wanted to go spend a weekend with Daniel and Susan.  We began pricing flights, and they were most expensive than we had anticipated and so we both sat with the idea for a while.  

Ultimately the lessons I had been starting kicked in, and I decided that I wanted to invest in our friendship with Daniel and Susan.  It wasn't spending money it was about investing in a relationship that we all wanted to cultivate and nurture.  So we booked our tickets!

We had this amazing weekend, of unplanned events we just spent time exploring Portland and driving around surrounding areas.  We ended up going to Astoria, because they wanted to head to the coast and I loved the movie Goonies.   We all fell in love with that town, the view, the people, and the brewery.  (Okay well I didn't like the beer, that is no surprise)

All of these tiny decisions lead to a great wedding and celebration weekend.  It was honestly the most enjoyable wedding I have been to, and I was grateful to be included in such an intimate gathering. 

This is how life works, we make tiny decisions that lead us to the big stuff.  Which is why it is important to know why you make the tiny decisions, to be in a good and useful state.  That is what my journey continues to be about building self awareness, so that I can see the tiny decisions clearly and can gently alter the trajectory of my life to what I want.   (Big changes happen no matter what, I can't antipciate or plan for those.  Life is about the moments.)

Question to consider: Take a moment and look back at a really powerful, memory.  Can you see all the tiny steps you took to get to that spot?  Can you honor that fact that those tiny steps lead to a big moment?

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