Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Adam demonstrating sincere gratitude for a loaf of green chile bread from New Mexico.  When I have the pleasure of going to New Mexico without Adam, I bring him back something with green chile.  It is very difficult to explain the New Mexican's obsession with green chile to people that didn't grow up there.  I have found some ways though, smells transport us back in time.  I can smell roasting green chile and I am a little girl again, with a bowl cut watching and waiting while the chile is roasted, the breeze, the warmth of the roasters, the crisp fall weather, with my Dad's hand holding me.   I can be a little older sitting on the back porch with my family, my hands tingling as we peeled the green chile, and my dad used the grill to roast the chile.   I am seventeen and on a date with Adam, sitting at Monroe's enjoying the salsa and discussing what we will split for dinner.  I am with my mom stopping to get a breakfast burrito before school, because she understood that breakfast was the one meal of the day I loved to eat during that time in my life.  I can go on and on.    Green chile is magical and takes me back in time.

So what does any of that have to do with gratitude?  Gratitude is a choice, it is a practice.  Being grateful for the simple things, a smell that can make you 5 years old again, a hug from your parents that can remind you of when they were your entire world, a sip of wine that can transport you back to a boat in France, holding a tea cup and remembering when time simply stopped.  

Question to consider: What little thing are you grateful for today?  Will you slow down enough to notice the little pocket in time?

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