Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Mexico

I took a quick weekend trip back to New Mexico and I asked my parents if we could walk in the foothills.  I love walking these trails, listening for the wildlife, occasionally catching a glimpse of it.  The entire weekend there was a sense of wonder, a sense of falling in love with the state.  Noticing little things I usually ignore, dreaming about one day having a little cabin in the mountains, wondering how the New Mexico architecture would look in Houston.  (That made me giggle.)

I got to watch the hummingbirds, hawks, and squirels play in my parents backyard.  I watch the sunset, complete with a lightening storm, and the smell of rain over the desert.   It was simply magical. I am looking forward to practicing that sense of wonder in Houston, to see what life I have been missing in the concrete landscape.

Question to consider: Where do you dream of moving to one day?  Is there a place, that lights up your heart and whispers to your senses?

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