Monday, August 18, 2014


I was at work the other day and I was given the task of writing these various roles on notecards so that the support group could pick a random role from the box, for a role-playing activity.

It got me thinking, about roles in society.  How much certainty it could provide me if prior to entering a situation I was given a card that told me the context and the role that I was to play.   I find myself in a lot of situations, where I have no prior experience, and I feel uncertain and cautious.   (Said every human, ever)  I look at those situations as a learning experience now, and realize it is not too big of a deal if I make a mistake.  In fact probably no one else is thinking about the little awkward thing you did that you are using to beat yourself up.

I remember playing role-playing games in middle school, in high school and little bit in college.  I didn't usually enjoy them, despite having the certainty of knowing my role.  So I started thinking about those experiences, and why I didn't particularly enjoy them.  Like many things I didn't used to enjoy, I ignored the "play" part.  After all they were all just games, or icebreakers.  I was so concerned about being accepted, that I didn't even consider the fact that the role was really what could be rejected.  It had nothing to do with me, I was simply putting on a mask.  Maybe the mask fit, maybe it didn't, maybe I liked the role and maybe the role was not for me, however the rejection of how I played the role had nothing to do with me, it was simply a role.  

Question to consider: How do you feel about role-playing?

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