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Look what found me!

So the other day, I went to grab something out of the back seat and look what I found!   This little guy climbed into my car from outside while I was unloading groceries and stuff.  He had a collar, so Sterling had some company for the afternoon, before this little guy's parents could pick him up.  (Adam got a cute photo of them sleeping next to each other on the couch.)

It is funny how a very normal, and ordinary task can get quickly change into something different.  When I found him, I didn't know what to do, he didn't want to leave the back seat.  Add to that equation, that I was extremely tired and hungry and I handed this little guy the remote and started to feel and act anxious.
I ended up calling Adam a little paniced and confused Adam.  I was not communicating how the dog wound up in the car, only that there was a dog in my car that didn't want to move.  Since I was tense I decided the dog was tense, and thought it might bite me.   Adam came home from running e…

Sterling Sunday



I am leaving again, in some ways it feels like I just got back from China.  In other ways it feels like it has been so long because I have been doing so much to get ready for the next trip.  I am going to Nepal again, for a month this time.  I will be teaching at the same monastery as last time and also teaching yoga, qigong and meditation workshops in a nearby town.

After I got a rough outline of my workshop, I felt overwhelmed with everything I get to do.  I immedately began thinking about what I can control, what would give me some certainty and stability.  So I started cooking Adam some freezer meals.   I decided that I will have plenty of travel time to read extra material and brainstorm some more.  So I can use that time to refine my workshop, but I won't be able to use that time to get the house in order in an effort to make Adam's life a little smoother while I am gone.
Adam is magnificent.  He is willing to juggle everything while I leave to go adventuring.   He is h…

Sun dog

I LOVE mornings, like OMG I love watching the sunrise, the color changes as dawn approaches and all the pinks and purples in the sky.   I was running around the house one morning, getting ready to leave and I noticed this beautiful pink color reflecting off our beige blinds.  So I peeked outside and noticed the sky and the fragment of the rainbow.  (My dad told me these were called "sun dogs" growing up, it doesn't seem to be a universal term.)

I started asking people if they knew what a sun dog was and most people told me to google it.  Which I did, and sun dog is actually a little different, if you want to know type the phrase into google.   I started thinking about language.  How imprecise it is, and now when I talk I find myself wondering even if we are speaking English are we speaking the same language?
I ask Adam all the time, what words mean.  He has a much better vocabulary than I do, and some of the time my idea is completely wrong.  Lately I have been wondering…


I have recently been exploring the idea of what it means to be enough.  Specifically what that means to me, what it looks like, how it feels and accepting that I am enough.  I have been preparing myself to teach workshops in Nepal, and I find myself lost in a lot of stories from time to time.  Stories about how I am still new to this path, how I don't have enough experience to teach anyone else......blah blah, the monkey continues.

I hear one of my teachers voices a lot "a teacher is simply one day ahead of his students."   I think about that statement a lot, I think about the fact that I have no idea of who my students will be.  I realize that it is time to practice trust.  To trust that the students who walk into that space are there for a reason.  They are there to create the class, the workshops will not exist without them.  I will be there to serve them, and the space.

This morning when I woke up, I thought about this story I heard years ago about "enough."…

Kitten in Chaps

This is story melted my heart today.  One of my friends who works at a ranch posted this story about a kitten some of hte cowboys found in a stable.  Its back legs no longer work, so they made the kitten a pair of leather chaps to ensure it won't rub off its skin.   They are going to build it a little cart, until then the kitten is playing and moving.

It is amazing what people can put their creative energy into.  I feel happy that these cowboys embraced the kitten and focused on how to serve the kitten instead of taking it somewhere.
Question to consider: What did you hear that melted your heart today?

Sterling Sunday


Ham sandwiches

My mom sent me this photo this morning, of these two stools that were in my Grandparent's house until it was sold after they passed away.  I spent many afternoons, mornings and evenings sitting on these stools.  I remember when I was finally "big" enough to climb up on them and allowed to sit at the counter.  Listening to the radio with my Grandma and watching her move around the kitchen.

My Grandmother was an amazing cook, she also made the best ham sandwiches in the world.  I remember working to replicate them over and over as a kid.  Same bread, same ham, same everything and it never tasted the same.  I was focused on recreating something that was special and unique.  Every moment, every person is special and unique, it cannot be recreated.  
The secret to the best ham sandwiches in the world is the state I was in when I consumed them.  I was grateful, loved, safe and calm.  Those are a few words that I associate with being in my grandparents' house, surrounded by…

Let's get the party started

So this past weekend, Adam and I went with a large group of friends to sing karaoke.  (For the people that know us, this may be very humorous.)   This is one of the photos of the night as Adam seeks some known ground and gets to work organizing and ordering people's songs.   This photo, like so many photos was taken in the middle of the story.

There is not a photo of Adam and I encouraging everyone to sing, and simply picking a song to sing together.   There is not a photo of everyone's shocked faced as Adam and I sang the Kingston Trio's MTA.   (No one was familiar with the song, and did know what to make of it.)   There is not a photo of Adam picking out a surprise song for us to sing from our high school days.  (I am sure my face was priceless, and only for Adam in that moment.)
We learned our friends are amazing singers, and a lot of us have a great love for very similar songs.  We were in a small private room and very often everyone was just singing along.   
So how d…

Creation versus recreation

I was having a dinner with a friend this past weekend and she said something that I haven't been able to stop think about.  When something comes up that I am unable to stop thinking about, it usually ends up as a blog post or draft.  (I have a lot of drafts, that haven't quite matured yet.)

She said "I miss something that doesn't exist anymore."  The context of the comment doesn't matter, because it is that statement that got me thinking about my desire to recreate emotions, places and people in my life that don't exist anymore.

It is impossible for me to recreate the feeling I had in Calgary when Adam and I made it to the top of the trail in December.  It is impossible for me to recreate the feeling I had when Adam and I exchanged our vows.  It is impossible for me to recreate the amazing moments in my life, and it is impossible to recreate the difficult moment in my life.   However it is possible for me to create a sense of triumph, a sense of vulnerabi…

Sterling Sunday

This little guy has been keeping me company on the couch all day while I work.   I love hearing his dream barks!

Two whole weeks

Adam and I spent two weeks in China without any electronics except our camera.  We didn't take our phones, the ipad, ipod or even the kindle.  Basically we spent the entire two weeks focused on our experience, without knowing what was happening at home.  The first couple of days I felt a little isloated and missed being able to chat with my parents and friends.  After that a sense of relief set in, there were not E-mails constantly coming in, I got to practice trust that everyone I loved was happy and safe, I wasn't going to be much use if something happened back home anyway.  
The night our plane landed in Houston, both Adam and I talked about how much we were dreading turning our phones back on.  The silence was very nice.   So we quickly called our parents, and messaged a few friends and turned the phones back off.   (The hundreds of E-mails would wait a little bit longer.)
We live in a world where we expect instant communication all the time, there are so many distractions. …


I was reading a Facebook about a "power question" that Tony Robbins posted this morning.  "What am I grateful for in my life right now? What about that makes me feel grateful? How does that make me feel?"
Those couple of questions really got me thinking this morning.  I often find myself thinking about what I am grateful for, I don't often continue to explore what it is that makes me feel grateful.  
The day before one of my friend's on Facebook asked,  "what are you grateful for?"  My response was that I was grateful for him and Sterling's smiling face.  The response was automatic, however Tony Robbins' questions lead me to really explore why I am grateful for people in my life. 

I am grateful for so many people, so I just chose four to discuss for this post. 
I am grateful for Blue, who is the friend that first posed the question "what are you grateful for?"  Even though I only took about a month of Chen style Tai Chi with Bl…

Sterling Sunday

So happy to see this face after two weeks in China!!!

Ta Da

It looks like Adam is dancing or doing a little curtsy.  The funny thing about this photograph is that our friend Susan has perfect timing, I was soon flat on my back, with the wind knocked out of me.    I love this photo though, the sky, the clouds, the river, the trees and Adam and changing our physiology and playing.   I am so lucky that Adam is willing to spot me in handstand and also he is willing to let me test my strength and see if I topple over.   (Note we are on grass, no Lenores were hurt taking this photograph.)

We will fully embrace our playful travel spirits while we are in China, and  take every opportunity to do yoga, qigong and who knows what else.  (I hope we get a chance to visit a Panda Sanctuary.)  Maybe we will take photos, maybe those moments will just be for us.  Anytime that I travel my world expands, I learn so much.  I know that the Lenore that comes back will not be quite the same, I look forward to introducing her to the readers.

Question to consider: What p…

Other side of the world

About a year ago, Adam and I found out about a trip to China that one of our teachers was organizing.  We started to look forward to it, and have watched in the last year as the plans have evolved and some how everything became more and more amazing.

I am typing up this post the night before we leave on an amazing journey for just long enough.  I have no idea what to expect.  I am excited to see another country, I am excited to learn from the Masters we will be meeting with, and I am excited to leave all electronics behind, except the camera.  17 of us are going on this trip to the mountain.

Question to consider: What is the latest trip you have been wanting to take?  Where do you dream of exploring?