Monday, September 8, 2014


I was reading a Facebook about a "power question" that Tony Robbins posted this morning.  "What am I grateful for in my life right now? What about that makes me feel grateful? How does that make me feel?"

Those couple of questions really got me thinking this morning.  I often find myself thinking about what I am grateful for, I don't often continue to explore what it is that makes me feel grateful.  

The day before one of my friend's on Facebook asked,  "what are you grateful for?"  My response was that I was grateful for him and Sterling's smiling face.  The response was automatic, however Tony Robbins' questions lead me to really explore why I am grateful for people in my life. 

I am grateful for so many people, so I just chose four to discuss for this post. 

I am grateful for Blue, who is the friend that first posed the question "what are you grateful for?"  Even though I only took about a month of Chen style Tai Chi with Blue I find myself applying what I learned a lot in my daily life.  Even if it is a simple moment in my daily Qigong practice where I move my feet, I practice the awareness of grounding one foot first, before lifting the other.  It helps keep me more present and aware of what my feet and legs are doing.  (I tend to focus on my arms so much, that I can easily forget that I have legs too.)   I am grateful that he took the time to teach me and I hope I honor that by continuing to practice the lessons that have stuck with me.  Now to answer Tony's question "how does that make me feel?"  I feel a responsibility to practice what I learned from him, I feel blessed to have someone in my life that is such a patient and passionate teacher.  

I am grateful for my Daoist teacher, he truly spent every moment in China taking care of us.  He gladly took every opportunity to teach me something, not saying I got every lesson.  We discuss a lot in class about loving and serving your world, and I see that in him everyday.  He practices what he teaches us.  I am grateful to learn from him, and to observe how he interacts in the world.  He inspires me, even in the moments when I feel like I am at the bottom of a hole.  He simply shines a light and allows me to climb out when I am ready. 

I am grateful for Kim, I took a yoga class from her on Saturday.  It was the first time I had done yoga for an extended period of time in a number of weeks.  Her class was the perfect mix of restorative and challenging.  I love taking Kim's classes, she is always focused on what her students need.  She asks at the beginning of class what anyone wants to work on and finds a way to hit everything that someone mentions.  I am grateful that she takes the time to truly listen to her students, she doesn't have a plan when she walks into the room to teach.  Honestly being listened to makes me feel special, I love to be heard.  I am blessed to have someone so generous in my life. 

I am grateful for Adam.  Adam is one of my greatest teachers.  I am grateful for his support on this spiritual journey and started, and I am even more grateful that he continues to walk his own spiritual journey.  This weekend, Adam spent so much time making sure I was resting and recovering from our trip.   He never complained about me falling asleep out of the blue, and he was willing to help me handle laundry and all the little chores that build up when you leave the country.  So "what about that makes me feel grateful?"  The idea that I can trust makes me feel grateful.  I can trust that he will take care of me, he will take care of Sterling and he will push me to take care of him.   Adam makes me feel safe.

Questions to consider: What am I grateful for in my life right now? What about that makes me feel grateful? How does that make me feel?

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