Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Let's get the party started

So this past weekend, Adam and I went with a large group of friends to sing karaoke.  (For the people that know us, this may be very humorous.)   This is one of the photos of the night as Adam seeks some known ground and gets to work organizing and ordering people's songs.   This photo, like so many photos was taken in the middle of the story.

There is not a photo of Adam and I encouraging everyone to sing, and simply picking a song to sing together.   There is not a photo of everyone's shocked faced as Adam and I sang the Kingston Trio's MTA.   (No one was familiar with the song, and did know what to make of it.)   There is not a photo of Adam picking out a surprise song for us to sing from our high school days.  (I am sure my face was priceless, and only for Adam in that moment.)

We learned our friends are amazing singers, and a lot of us have a great love for very similar songs.  We were in a small private room and very often everyone was just singing along.   

So how does this apply to healing?   

Part of healing, part of having vitality in one's life is to play, is to laugh, to do new things even if they are awkward and uncomfortable.   

Question to consider:  Do you find time to play everyday?

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