Thursday, September 25, 2014


I am leaving again, in some ways it feels like I just got back from China.  In other ways it feels like it has been so long because I have been doing so much to get ready for the next trip.  I am going to Nepal again, for a month this time.  I will be teaching at the same monastery as last time and also teaching yoga, qigong and meditation workshops in a nearby town.

After I got a rough outline of my workshop, I felt overwhelmed with everything I get to do.  I immedately began thinking about what I can control, what would give me some certainty and stability.  So I started cooking Adam some freezer meals.   I decided that I will have plenty of travel time to read extra material and brainstorm some more.  So I can use that time to refine my workshop, but I won't be able to use that time to get the house in order in an effort to make Adam's life a little smoother while I am gone.

Adam is magnificent.  He is willing to juggle everything while I leave to go adventuring.   He is happy to help me in any way that he can.  It is significant to me that he will support me in these adventures, he is my biggest cheerleader.  I love him!   

I feel all this nervous energy and so I simply am using that to cook, clean the house and handle as much as I can think of.  I feel nervous about teaching these workshops, about traveling and simply being away.  I also feel excited to see what happens, to learn from my students and to return to a place that has a piece of my heart.  Emotions are so complicated.

Question to consider:  What do you do when you have nervous/excitement energy?

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