Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sun dog

I LOVE mornings, like OMG I love watching the sunrise, the color changes as dawn approaches and all the pinks and purples in the sky.   I was running around the house one morning, getting ready to leave and I noticed this beautiful pink color reflecting off our beige blinds.  So I peeked outside and noticed the sky and the fragment of the rainbow.  (My dad told me these were called "sun dogs" growing up, it doesn't seem to be a universal term.)

I started asking people if they knew what a sun dog was and most people told me to google it.  Which I did, and sun dog is actually a little different, if you want to know type the phrase into google.   I started thinking about language.  How imprecise it is, and now when I talk I find myself wondering even if we are speaking English are we speaking the same language?

I ask Adam all the time, what words mean.  He has a much better vocabulary than I do, and some of the time my idea is completely wrong.  Lately I have been wondering if Adam knows either.  When I look up a word in the dictionary, there is a number of words that define it. Even then all those words have a different meaning for me than they do for you.  It is a wonder that we do figure out how to communicate with all these personal meanings for words running around.

Question to consider:  What do you call little fragments of rainbows?

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