Friday, September 5, 2014

Ta Da

It looks like Adam is dancing or doing a little curtsy.  The funny thing about this photograph is that our friend Susan has perfect timing, I was soon flat on my back, with the wind knocked out of me.    I love this photo though, the sky, the clouds, the river, the trees and Adam and changing our physiology and playing.   I am so lucky that Adam is willing to spot me in handstand and also he is willing to let me test my strength and see if I topple over.   (Note we are on grass, no Lenores were hurt taking this photograph.)

We will fully embrace our playful travel spirits while we are in China, and  take every opportunity to do yoga, qigong and who knows what else.  (I hope we get a chance to visit a Panda Sanctuary.)  Maybe we will take photos, maybe those moments will just be for us.  Anytime that I travel my world expands, I learn so much.  I know that the Lenore that comes back will not be quite the same, I look forward to introducing her to the readers.

Question to consider: What part of your spirit does traveling really bring out in you?   Who are you when you travel to new places?

1 comment:

  1. A child. A very excited child :-)