Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Two whole weeks

Adam and I spent two weeks in China without any electronics except our camera.  We didn't take our phones, the ipad, ipod or even the kindle.  Basically we spent the entire two weeks focused on our experience, without knowing what was happening at home.  The first couple of days I felt a little isloated and missed being able to chat with my parents and friends.  After that a sense of relief set in, there were not E-mails constantly coming in, I got to practice trust that everyone I loved was happy and safe, I wasn't going to be much use if something happened back home anyway.  

The night our plane landed in Houston, both Adam and I talked about how much we were dreading turning our phones back on.  The silence was very nice.   So we quickly called our parents, and messaged a few friends and turned the phones back off.   (The hundreds of E-mails would wait a little bit longer.)

We live in a world where we expect instant communication all the time, there are so many distractions. I know that when I send a message to a friend, I start to worry if I don't hear from them in a relatively short amount of time.   I have to say it is nice to turn off the phone when I go to sleep, and sometimes it is a relief to be on a plane and know for a short amount of time there are no distractions.   

I am not ready to give up my electronics, because I do love connecting with the people I love.  I am working to be mindful of how I communicate and who I communicate with though.  As I get ready to return to Nepal, I find myself wondering if I will tolerate the isolation better.  If the times when I don't have wifi, the times that conversations with Adam get randomly cut off, in those times if I will be able to breathe, smile and go play.  

Question to consider: Have you taken an extended break from your electronics?  What was your experience?

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