Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Flying in the breeze

So sometimes every goes according to plan, and sometimes it feels like everything is going against the plan.   My arrival in Nepal gave me some very good opportunities to practice patience and nonattatchment to plans.  

I had been E-mailing the guesthouse I was staying at, and I thought I was going to be picked up at the airport.  After getting through the visa line and picking up my luggage.  I was feeling a little freaked out that there was no one there with a sign to pick me up.  So after texting Adam to let him know I arrived and asking him to check my E-mail, I sat down and waited.   I took some time to gather my thoughts and decide what I was going to do.  

Eventually I talked with a cab driver and somehow we both managed to figure out where I needed to go and we set off in the chaos that is Kathmandu traffic.   I arrived at the guest house, had access to wifi and sent a couple of E-mails.  I felt settled and calm, especially after getting some lunch!

Little did I know my plans were about to change again.  One of my friend that had arranged my bus to Pokhara told me that the reservation had been lost.  Since it is festival time in Nepal right now, there were no more seats available.  So we both started a frantic search to figure out how to get me to Pokhara on the day I wanted.   Eventually the travel agencies were closed and I simply got to go to sleep not knowing when I was going to be leaving Kathmandu.   Luckily the guest house had room for me to stay another night!

The next morning I set out to find a travel agent to see if I could book a flight to Pokhara.  Luckily I was able to get a seat on a flight the next day!  However I was disappointed about staying in Kathmandu for another day.   I longed to be in the quiet and peaceful atmosphere at the monastery, to get away from the noise of the city.  

After I let go of that idea, I made the most of my day in Kathmandu.   I had some amazing experiences, including getting to hang up prayer flags at The Boudhanath stupa!   Such a neat experience and one I would not have had if I had spent the day on a bus.    

Sometimes you just have to let go, blow in the breeze and see what you can do in a situation instead of focusing on what is not going to happen.

Question to consider: Do you find it easy to let of plans, when things change?

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