Friday, October 31, 2014


Happy Halloween!  When I was in Nepal, I was fortuante enough to be there for a Halloween celebration.  It was a little early, who cares, the point was to have some fun and games with the monks.

The morning started with chopping onions and tomatoes and peeling 400 eggs for egg salad.   It was a lot of egg salad, the children gobbled up the egg salad sandwiches though.  I have to admit they were delicious and a nice change.   

We played games with each one of the classes, if you have been a regular reader you may recoginze these faces.  This is my old science class, now they are class five!

Question to consider: What will you do to celebrate Halloween?  I think Adam and i are going to have a quiet evening at home to reconnect and maybe look through the photos I took in Nepal.  

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