Wednesday, October 29, 2014

In the middle

I am back in the States, giving Sterling ball time and getting settled back into a much faster pace of life.  During the day I send Adam photos of what makes me smile, and so I attempted to get a photo of Sterling chasing his ball.   As you can see I didn't succeed at getting a photo of Sterling, however this photo got me thinking about an idea I have been sitting with for a while.

"We come in, in the middle of the story."

I don't remember where I heard that idea, it has been tumbling around inside of my head.  Today is a perfect day to take a break from writing about Nepal to talk about the middle of the story.   To me the idea is that people are here before you arrive and they continue on after you leave. 

Traveling alone gave me a lot to think about in terms of only having the middle of the story to work with.  I had no control over what brought my students to me, what brought anyone into my circle, no control over which little boys become monks and are brought to that monastery, and I have no control over the future.  No idea what will happen after I leave and allow all the people I met to continue their lives, their story.  

With that perspective, the only thing that exists is here and now.   So my focus was on being present.   Everyone I met had a story and most people are happy to share a part of the story; it is still only a piece.  The reality is as much as I love the people I spent time with, most of them I will never hear from again.  I will never know what directions their life went after I spent time with them.  This trip to Nepal I felt okay with that concept, I focused on enjoying the moments I had.   Understanding that even if I never hear from those people, even if I never see them again; they mean the world to me.   I get to write this lastest chapter of my life, and I accept simply being in the middle.

Question to consider:  What does the statement "we come in, in the middle of the story;" mean to you?

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