Monday, October 13, 2014

Just hit the ground running

As the first light breaks over the hills, the echo of the gong rings through the air at the monastery.  I have been awake for a number of hours, because of jet lag and excitement for the coming day.  I got to spend the morning at the monastery, and then head into town to handle some last minute details for my workshop.  
I love the sunrise!  It is amazing to watch the sunrise here, with the panaramic views.  To watch the the light change on the himalayas, to watch the monks run into the temple for morning services and to feel the peace and silencce at the monastery.
I snapped this photo just before the students came up to class.  For my first workshop I had four students to start with, one left to go treking and the other left because she was ill.   It was a perfect number for me to get my feet wet and play with my plan for teaching.  The group was really upbeat, postive and understanding about me feeling awkward.   

I learned alot about my strengths and weaknesses as a teacher.  I have a lot of work to do with my yoga.  It is funny, because while I have a consistent yoga practice at home, it is totally random and a little chaotic.  Mostly I work on helping something that hurts feel better, and then I am done.   So I will be spending my break time actually coming up with a yoga sequence.   Hopefully I will also learn a little better how to describe the poses.    (One thing I was not prepared for in teaching my classes was non-native speakers.  I know it seems obvious now, it is interesting when you have a very specific language for something, and then you have to find different words. )

Question to consider:  Is there a lot of variety to your vocabulary or do you find yourself using the same words all the time?

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