Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My first workshop

Here is a photo taken at the meditation center that I am teaching my workshops at.   So far this experience has been a little surreal.  I am standing there speaking, and there is a part of me that remains confused.  There are moments were I still am in awe that this is my life, that I am on the other side of the world, talking about things I am passionate about, and giving people tools that can enrich their lives.  

Some of the topics flow effortlessly, and some of the topics I feel very awkward talking about.  That shows me the areas of my practice that need more cultivation, the areas that I have been neglecting.  It also shows me what I focus on in my day to day life.  What I enjoy, what I am passionate about.    

I feel incredibly blessed that these strangers are taking time away from their holiday and devoting time to listen to me.    

Question to consider: Look out your window, and find something beautiful to focus on for three breaths.   What did you see?   How did it feel to take a little bit of time for yourself?

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