Friday, October 3, 2014


After hours of travel, losing track of what day it was.  I got to spend a day in Kathmandu.  I was staying  near the Boudhanath stupa, so I spent the day walking around the stupa, and meditating.  I noticed this Thankga shop almost immediately.  I sat for a long time just looking at this painting.   It captured my imagination as a portal.  

The idea of time travel and the distoration of traveling to the other side of the world settled on me when I saw the criscrossing blue lines.   I saw flght patterns, I saw the different decisions I have made in my life that lead me to this moment.  

This moment surrounded by strangers, by different languages, different cultures and different ages I was feeling out of harmony, still tuned into the U.S. and not quite grounded in Nepal.   Quickly things come back to me about how I fell in love with this country and I the noise, the dirt, and pollution are able to fade into the background.   I feel the peace, the happiness, and the ease that I find here.

Question to consider: What do you see in the photo?

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