Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Soaring spiders

I know this is a strange photo.  I walked out into the back yard and found this length of spider web leaping from our tree to a neighbor's tree in the back yard.  At least ten feet!  I captured a photo as best I could, the arrow is pointing at part of the reflection of the spider web.

I just watched the web blow in the breeze, mesmorized and humbled by a tiny spide taking a leap like that.   I wonder if it even had a goal, or it just leaped into the wind.  If it could see the destination or it simply threw itself into a journey, trusting the it would be able to climb up the web no matter what happened.

Honestly I have no idea what it is life to be a spider, I have no idea what it is like to even be another human being.  I come into people's lives, including my own in the middle of the story.   Time will continue after I am gone, and things happened long before I was born.   Since it is the middle of the story, every moment is the middle it is the perfect moment to write the ending I want.   I can write the story of my life any way I want, it is an amazing gift.   The difficult parts, the parts that have me crying on the floor unable to move, the moments that have me so angry I am paralyzed, the moments when I feel so small I don't know what to do, all of those are opportunities.  An opportunity to stand up, to start moving or leap into action.  I read a lot of fantasy, and the deck always seems stacked against the hero, and somehow the hero makes the situation okay.

Author your life, tell the truth, and see those moments for what they are.  The moment where you lept like a spider and landed somewhere you didn't expect.  Breathe and take in the view!

Question to consider:   How will you write your next breath, then the next minute, the next hour, the next day?

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