Monday, October 20, 2014

Workshop number 2

The class size increased a little bit for workshop number two.  It was wonderful with a bit larger group, more questions and more diversity.   I am wondering if the workshop size continues to grow how I will fit everyone in the space when it come time to do yoga.  I don't know, I guess I will find out if that happens.

The first workshop group asked for more and more yoga, this group asked for more and more philosophy.  I am feeling excited to see what happens next.  

I have had such amazing students with such great stories, and understanding attitudes.  I got pretty flustered attempting to explain a concept, well to draw the concept on the board.  Finally the students stopped me and said, "Lenore we got it, we understand."   I just got caught up in the moment, of wanting to draw the concept.  I wanted to be right, instead of happy.  I am thankful my students broke my state and we were able to move on.

Question to consider:  What is the biggest group you have ever taught?

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