Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Yoga with the Monks

It is funny how I only have three short sleeve shirts, that I brought with me.  I feel like I wear the same thing everyday.  I brought more warm clothes, thinking I would be cold.  Oh well, I just get to do laundry more often.

So I got the pleasure of teaching the college age monks yoga as part of their English coaching class.  So we did some yoga and talked about different muscles groups.  I need to come up with more difficult poses to challenge the monks in our next class.  They are very strong. 

Slowly my confidence with teaching is growing, I still feel uneasy and awkward.  I am so glad that my students continue to challenge me and help me grow.  As I research more difficult poses to do with the monks my own practice will grow and develop.  I really enjoy the interaction between the students and helping them fix things in poses that might be hurting.  

Time is going by so fast, and I am starting to feel the tug of home.   

Question to consider:  Do you travel light or do you pack enough for whatever situation might come up?  Lately I have been packing light, because I am not a fan of carrying a bunch of stuff.  It has made some things simpler and other things more difficult.

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