Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dancing Monks

My last few days as the monastery, the monks had begun rehearsing Lama Dances for an upcoming event.  It was interesting to see how the different personalities came out while they were dancing.   I got to watch the rehearsals, I got to watch the older monks teach the younger monks the dances.  I feel lucky that I was able to watch that progression and see the evolution especially with the younger ones.   Despite missing the event itself, I was about to focus on what was in front of me, instead of being upset that I was going to miss the upcoming festivities.

There is a book I read a while ago, that talks about there being no ordinary moments in the world.  I have found when I am truly present, when I focus on what I have, on what is in front of me; all those worries and anxieties fade into the back ground noise.  Maybe I didn't get to see the costumes, maybe I didn't get to see the butter sculptures in person; I got to see so much!

Every moment is special and unique, in every moment there is something beautiful to be grateful for. Seeing people dance tends to make me what to dance! 

Question to consider: How will you dance today?

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