Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fourth workshop

I didn't get a photo with my fourth and final workshop group.  That final group, brought out my yoga teacher side.  They wanted to move, and it was a very strong group, I think I spent easily four hours teaching yoga on the full days.  I even had one gentlemen miss dinner because he ran down the street to find some more yoga classes.   (I do mean ran down the street.)   I was so happy to see someone find another type of movement that he enjoyed, to witness a little spark igniting was very special.

I went to Nepal, feeling completely terrified out of my mind about teaching, about sharing my practice, about being that vunerable.   I came home feeling so grateful for each one of my students, for how much they taught me, for creating such variety.  Immediately when I came home a lot of people asked me if I was going to keep teaching.   This question usually set my mind running, and so I said "I don't know."   

After one pretty emotional conversation with Adam, about teaching, about how it might work, about how to get started.  I took a step back, and went back to what I want.  I want to gain more experience teaching, I also love the flexiblity of volunteering.   So I reached out about a volunteer opportunity I heard about months ago.   Just like that I found a new avenue to challenge myself and teach with the flexiblity and freedom that leaves me available to still volunteer at my other jobs.  So starting in December I will get a new group of students to work with.  I am feeling extremely excited and terrifying.

Question to consider: When was the last time you witnessed someone's spark igniting for a new passion?

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