Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Full moon

I walked out of my room one night to go to the bathroom, and got a glimpse of the full moon through the clouds.  I look up at the sky a lot, no matter where I am, it doesn't matter if it is day or night.  I look for the sun, the stars, the moon, the clouds or the birds that fly through the air.  When I am in Nepal, I think about how the sun is shining on Adam when I am looking at the moon, or the stars.   There is something about  the idea that the moon glows because it reflects the sun that I adore.

Each one of us has a light, and the brighter it shines the more it is reflected in the world around us.  When Adam and I are apart, I believe we both continue to shine because we have faith in the other person's path.  We are the sun and the moon, when one of us shines the other is able to reflect it back.   We are on opposite schedules, one of us is finishing the day and the other is starting.  We are able to encourage the other person be sharing the lessons we learned that day.  

When we are together the polarity is not quite the same, however I still believe we reflect each other's light.  When we are together we also are able to see the other person's light, the sun and the moon are locked in a dance across distance; Adam and I get to dance across the whole floor, together, apart and then together.

Question to consider: Where is our focus when you look up at the sky?  What do you look for?

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