Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lake view

The days fly by when I am working, if I am not actively teaching, or spending time with the monks, I am lesson planning, doing my practice or working through new yoga sequences.   (Yeah for body awareness, or soreness depending on your focus)

Every Tuesday I took the time to go to Lakeside, have a meal that involved meat and to just enjoy the view of Fewa Lake.  So I went to this Arabian place every week, they had a ginger lemon tea that I fell in love with.   There were days that I had company and moments like this, where I was the only person in the restaurant and I embraced the quiet.  This was a moment when I was really aware of being alone and realized that I am totally okay with being alone.   In fact I looked forward to the moments when I was alone and my thoughts were still and calm.

As I continue my journey loving and serving others, and with gaining competence teaching, I find I have far less "free" time.  So instead of looking at the fact that I have less free time, and feeling overwhelmed with all the tasks I still get to do with "less" time I enjoy the moments of peace just a little bit more.   I find the enjoyment in being busy, how luck am I that I have the opportunity to share my passion, to share things that changed my life into something amazing with other people.   (See what I did with focus there?)

Question to consider:  What is your focus in your "free" time?  Do you focus on how little you have or simply let go and enjoy the moment?

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