Thursday, November 6, 2014

Workshop number 3

Each one of my workshops brought out a different focus of my practice.  Each of the groups challenged me and taught me so much.  I have to say that this group really brought out my spirit, all their questions on energetics really lit me up.  To have the freedom to talk, to begin to say things out loud  and suddenly realize that people want to listen, people want to share their experiences with energetics. 

I have two degrees in Science and I still apply the scientific method to what I am learning and experiencing.  I have also learned to accept that just because science doesn't have an explanation doesn't mean that it didn't happen or doesn't exist.  (Science "discovers" things all the time, it changes the names of things and is constantly evolving.) 

Do I understand what I feel when I practice Qigong or yoga?  Can I talk about what might be happening to my physiology, yes?  Do I actually know?  No!  Which is why it helps to ask other people questions and expand your understanding.   A lot of times in yoga, we will work just one side of the body and then compare the two sides in a pose.  Robert said the most freeing statement ever, in terms of understanding the difference between sides.  "Just notice, don't try to put a language to it, the language, the description of what is different will come with time."  

Thank you so much for this group, the language just came out at the perfect time.  You enriched my language and helped me voice it. 

Question to consider: When was the last time you were asked a question, and after answering it you thought "how did I know that?" 

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