Thursday, December 11, 2014

Nepal Summary

I have been home for a little while, apparently long enough to get ready to plan my next trip to Nepal.   Seems that I may have caught a bit of a travel bug, Adam and I are planning a lot of amazing trips for the upcoming year.  I am so excited to see what continues to unfold and what happens next.

So here are the links to about my time in Nepal this year, both trips.  It is completely unreasonable to me that this time last year going Nepal wasn't even in my consciousness and yet when the opportunity came up all I did was say "YES!"  

Question to consider:   What will you say "YES" to today?

Friends  (The summary of my first visit)

Presents (A little reflection)

Enough (A little prayer for everyone)

Preparation (Getting ready for the second trip)

Portal  (Just a little bit about time travel)

Flying in the Breeze  (Is everything going wrong?  Nope, just kidding!)    

Safe and Sound  (BTW - Everything is OKAY)

Just hit the Ground Running (The world keeps turning)

My First Workshop (OMG! - I am teaching....)

Festival Time (Learning about celebrations)

Workshop #2 (The time is going by so fast)

Yoga with the Monks (Maybe this yoga thing works.....)

Halloween (Egg salad sandwiches, games, candy and ice cream)

Workshop #3 (This was my energetic class, they loved Qigong!)

Lake View (Free time!)

Dancing Monks (Dance rehearsal for upcoming services)

Full Moon  (A love letter to Adam)

Fourth Workshop (Soooo much yoga!)

The Next Adventure (Back to Kathmandu)

Happy Thanksgiving

The "real" Kathmandu (Getting to see the city in a different way)

Selfie Pod  (Capturing unforgettable moments)

Qatar (My favorite part of this post, is talking about running into Adam's arms...I really did! It was so amazing to see him again)


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