Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Seeing this statue, reminded me that I was no longer in Nepal.  Still completely confused about where I was, just I knew I was no longer in Nepal.   I arrived in Qatar in the middle of the night, and had one question to answer.  Do I need to eat or sleep more?    I had a decent amount of time for a layover and Adam and I had discussed that if I was exhausted I would get a hotel room for the 10 hours I had.  However I was hungry and really just wanted a shower.   So I headed to the lounge, bought a lounge pass and spent the next 10 hours, eating, drinking lots of water, reading, listening to a book,  talking with Adam and taking a luxuriously long hot shower.  

It always seems like the journey home is going to take so long, (~38 hours) however the time passed rather quickly.  I was still exhausted when Adam picked me up at the airport, however all that exhaustion was forgotten when I saw his face and ran into his arms.  There is a magic that exists in that moment, seeing his face for the first time in over a month, hearing his voice, and feeling his arms hold me, the world is still and stable.    

Question to consider:  What is your favorite airport and why?

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